The social and cultural values provided by our forests are generally intangible, as they relate to the personal enjoyment of being among the trees. Indigenous people have close ties to their land and forests are integral in expressing their cultural, social and spiritual values. RD's Nature Retreat offers the best ways to understand, explore, live and love nature. It intends to protect and develop nature and its wildlife. You can stealthily watch birds here, rock while you trek, enjoy the adventurous sports, learn at nature's workshop, polish your flora-fauna knowledge, show off your fishing skills, go on a lovely boating voyage, have a romantic walk around and finally shelter in natural looking eco camps.

Cool breeze of the air around, music of the chirping birds, energizing sound of the falling water, fragrance of the wild flowers, silent roars of the animals, humming of the bees and beetles! What's more tranquilizing than enjoying such moments spent in the lap of Mother Nature. You can also bring out the dancer in you at the rain dance floor, chill out at the Lawn restaurant, savour your taste buds at the cave restaurant, soak in the mesmeric natural waterfall and be a child when you enter the water pool.


Come! Hear the jungle beats and experience the naive life in the jungle at RD's Nature Retreat.